Your a car driver, testing the grip of your car, on a poorly lit track.

You can test, your self how fast your on the tracks.

Also You can find secret places, where you can live out the drift beast out of yourself.

But watch out, the track is not too friendly so, there's lot of obstacles (bombs, mines).

Or have fun, with the boost of the explosions, and get even faster times (comment your time below, also your score).

In the menus try to go in the red objects to get in the options.


- Movement ---- WASD ---- Direction Keys

- Back to Menu ---- Esc

Development log


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Can't play... Click play but nothing happens.

Didn't I had to already use the car in the menu..very nifty...but...nothing blows..nothing destroys...

I just updated the information about the game. Now I described the game better, and maybe I will add some explosions in the menu too.

Thanks the advice, I really appreciate it. :)